Ways to Green your Business

Our blog has been dark for the past few months because we’ve been deep into what we call “disclosure season”. At the beginning of the year, we’re asked to ‘show our work’ and verify that we are who we say we are by the two main sustainability organizations we belong to: the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, and B Lab, which certifies B Corps. We’re now approaching the end of that cycle, and ahead of sharing the results from these efforts, we wanted to give you an idea of what we go through to be a sustainable company, and how you can do the same for yours.

We discovered this series of infographics created by companydebt.com, who urged us to share them with the world. These track pretty closely (although not exactly) with the processes we’ve used to become a more sustainable company, so we thought we’d share!

We’ve prepared for extreme weather by instituting a work-from-home policy to maintain service during natural disasters. Our phones are cloud-hosted and should remain active even during an emergency.

Supply chain risk is critical, and understanding this is one of the major trends to watch this year!


Check this out: we’ve done most of this already, and reported back on it in our recent Impact Report. 

Did you know that the single biggest hidden cost to most employers is turnover? The “S” in ESG stands for “Social”, which is supposed to measure exactly these risks.

Businesses that haven’t thought this through will be more at risk. This forms the basis of our investment philosophy (read the bit under the SDGs)


Thanks again to the folks at companydebt.com for putting this together!